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Ancillary services that support larger, core projects we take on

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We complete a huge array of ancillary services for our clients which often support the larger, core projects we take on. Our highly trained staff team really is second to none, being passionate and specialised in their respective fields. The team includes tradesmen, project managers, tried, tested and trusted contractors and managers who seek to be the very best. Wynnman always aims to complete tasks with the minimum disruption to our ever growing client base.

Being members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), we have proven that our work is of a first-class standard. We always aim for excellence in every area of our business and as most of our work comes through recommendations or repeat custom, we are convinced we meet these aims time and time again. Reliable, professional, skilled and accomplished are comments we have had given to us about our service. We work efficiently and effectively, taking care of the overall aim while always being meticulous when it comes to the details and finishing touches.

Full home refurbishment is our speciality and a project we are well versed at delivering, having completed very successful refurbishments for dozens of homeowners, in a large variety of different homes such as terraced houses, semi-detached homes, detached homes, period properties, cottage and more.

People need to refurbish their homes for a huge number of reasons such as requiring an extra bedroom for children, changing the layout of a home to be more practical for the elderly and disabled, or just sprucing up a home rather than moving to a new property.

Older properties are often in need of an overhaul and repossessed and auction-bought properties. But newer homes can be refurbished to be tailored to the buyer’s tastes.

Whether it’s a top to toe renovation or creating the wow factor in your current home then Wynnman is the company for you. We sit with our clients and discuss their plans at length so we know the exact requirements, needs and desires for each stage of the refurbishment. During this time we will advise and offer our knowledge and experience to help with decisions, material choices and so on.

From this initial concept stage we will draw up plans and work out a project management timescale to ensure we meet time deadlines. We continue close communication with our clients throughout the refurbishment process so that any alterations which may need to be made can be rectified immediately and to keep our customers in touch with progress so they can make plans.

We carry out a whole range of extensions in a wide variety of different types of property. We can complete single-storey extensions, double-storey extensions, wrap around extensions and side return extensions.

Single-storey extensions are almost always the simplest extensions that can be carried out on your home. They are a great way of adding extra space to the ground floor of a property. These types of extension gain an extra room or two or expand existing rooms such as creating a large open plan kitchen-diner, or an extra bedroom with shower room.

Double-storey extensions require much more thought and need carefully planning in terms of project management such as which trades need to be on site, in which order and when. This can be quite a juggle so we provide a project management service should it be required. Due to our knowledge and experience, we can quickly develop a timescale and project plan which will be kept tight at all times. We do the same with the cost of the project. Double-storey extensions can add huge value to your property.

A side return extension is an extension which we carry out on Victorian terraces which have a small amount of space to the back side of the property – usually to the side of the kitchen. By creating an extension, this often dead space can be used to transform your kitchen into a lighter, brighter area by utilising glass roofs and the correct lighting.

A wrap around extension is when an extension out the back of your property joins together with a side extension that “wraps” around your property. This type of extension is usually single-storey and provides massive benefits to the existing building. A huge amount of space is gained with a wrap around extension and this provides fantastic flexibility when it comes to the layout of your home.

Kitchens are the heart of the home for almost all homeowners. This said, it is incredibly important for property owners to choose only the very best building and property services company to carry out works to their favourite room. Whether the room is just in need of an uplift or whether it needs a total rehaul, choose Wynnman to carry out the project.

We fully understand the importance of new and upgraded kitchens and we will handle you home like it is our own; in fact, this is one of our unique selling points. We sit with our clients and go through all their criteria and come back to them with a bespoke design which is tailored to their wants and needs. We then discuss the design with the client and make any relevant changes. Here, we offer a lot of advice about materials, lighting, fixtures and fittings, trades which are needed and more.

We then compile a schedule of works and designate a project manager to our customer who will be their main point of contact throughout the entire project. This ensures continuity of relationship with our clients; something we value greatly.

Other than the design and project management of the kitchen upgrade or redesign, we can carry out al plumbing works, electrics, decorating, structural work (for example, if an extension is part of the work), plastering, carpentry, installation of boilers, installation of kitchen units, installation of appliances, PAT testing, flooring, tiling, painting, decorating, disposing of waste (including your old kitchen if required) and windows and doors. We really re the one-stop shop when it comes to kitchen refits.

Other than the kitchen, a bathroom – or the bathrooms – is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is because people want quality and hygiene when it comes to bathrooms and because it adds much more value to a home.

Therefore it is important to choose a building and property services company to carry out the works which is qualified, skilled, experienced and reliable. Experience really is of the utmost importance for bathroom projects. This is not only because the finishing touches are so important but because bathrooms are often small rooms and need to be designed in such a way that they utilise the space in the most efficient way.

We begin with the design process – if this is a service you choose to use – where we discuss our clients’ plans at length. Here, we offer a lot of advice about materials, lighting, fixtures and fittings, trades which are needed and more. We then create a design which includes the criteria of our clients and bring it back to our customer to look over. At this point we ask lots of questions, highlight potential issues and make sure our clients are happy with the design on every level.

Once the design is agreed we complete a project management schedule so our clients know what is happening when and so that we can advise them of the time period in which they would be without their bathroom and when certain tradesmen would be onsite. At Wynnman we also designate a project manager to our customer who will be their main point of contact throughout the entire project. This ensures continuity of relationship with our clients; something we value greatly.

We then complete the works which includes all plumbing works, electrics, decorating, structural work (for example, if an extension or change of layout is part of the work), plastering, carpentry, installation of bathroom suite, installation of appliances including showers, electric showers, flooring, tiling, painting, decorating, installation of extractor fan, disposing of waste (including your old bathroom if required) and windows and doors.

Loft conversions are a very popular way of creating extra space within a home. Lofts, or attics, often provide a huge additional space which is regularly utilised as a storage space and is therefore not used to its full potential.

We begin the loft conversion process by visiting your property to see if a loft conversion is feasible within your home. If it is, we will sit with you to discuss your ideas and plans before creating an architectural drawing inclusive of costs, calculations, measurements and so on. We go through this plan comprehensively with our clients so they and we are clear on every step of the process. We always speak with our clients throughout the loft conversion at every stage to ensure they are happy with the plan and to discuss any alterations or problems. We assign a project manager to our client so they can speak with the same person each time contact is made. This is best for continuity and clarity and something we are very passionate about delivering.

Loft conversions can be disruptive as scaffolding is required and the work is loud at times. We can complete the conversion by building up the shell of the conversion, plasterboarding where necessary, installing flooring, plumbing if required, electrics, carpentry including staircases and furniture, bathrooms, decorating, painting, carpeting, plastering, fitting windows and doors, coving, skirting and much, much more.

A media room is a luxury addition to any home and often becomes the home’s “hub”, with children and adults watching movies, playing on computer games and listening to music. We understand that these rooms are a luxury bonus and so we understand that our clients want quality, quality, quality. After all, if you want the home cinema experience, you need great sound ambience, lighting and, of course, a large projector screen!

As with all of our work, we sit with our clients to discuss their wants and needs and often have tips and ideas for our customers too. For instance, some homeowners have the space to add mini bars or a game section to their rooms or even a sweet station. These little touches can make a media room stand out from the crowd.

After discussions, we will complete a room design with measurements, costs and calculations. We sit with our clients and chat through every aspect of the project from beginning to end so they know the bigger picture and all the details.

Once the design is decided we then set to work! This includes lowering floors, damp proofing (many media rooms and created in basement areas), flooring, plastering, painting, coving, decorating, carpeting, electrics, plumbing, furniture installation which includes serving stations for drinks and sweets if required, soundproofing, installing built in sound system, installing electrical equipment such as Blu Ray players, large screens, music systems and more.

We are able to offer advice concerning what equipment to purchase through to the seating you may want to consider. We can collect this seating and put it in place for you too.

Offices have almost become a must in homes today due to the need to store files, have a space to work from, an area where children can do homework with no distractions and the increased number of people who work from home. Often the small bedroom is turned into an office or another room is found to accommodate this purpose.

We can turn the smallest space into a fully fledged office area for you to enjoy and work from. We are very knowledgeable about furniture and storage options due to how long we have been in operation so we are able to offer you our honed expertise.

Or, we can reorganise existing office spaces from cramped and cluttered areas full of impractical storage solutions into organised, functional rooms.

As part of this service we will conduct a full site survey including taking measurements, asking many questions about our client’s requirements and seeing the existing layout if needed. We then create a design using CAD and sit with our clients to go through this design, consulting with them and offering our advice and expertise as they make decisions and alterations.

We then carry out the works proposed, completing on time and to budget unless our clients make any changes throughout the process. If this is the case we will always draw up new plans with new costings which we go through with our clients thoroughly before they are signed off.

Our service includes fitting new flooring, plastering, painting, decorating, installing furniture, helping our clients to choose furniture, furniture collection and assembly if required, installing storage solutions, electrics for computers and lighting, installing lighting and installing carpet if required.

Wynnman really is the best company to choose if you live in South West London.